Think Green...Save Green

Think Green – Save Green!
These days everyone claims to be “green,” but what does it all really mean? How can a green Coblentz home be a better home?

R-38 Attic & R-13 Wall Cellulose Insulation
A blanket of comfort and quiet – Insulation blankets your home in comfort and quiet. Higher insulation levels in the attic means better energy performance and energy savings.

Vinyl Low-E Windows
Advanced technology performance

Sealed & Insulated Ducts
Even temperatures and lower bills – Ducts that are tightly sealed can increase your heating and cooling system’s efficiency by as much as 20%. A properly insulated duct system will be quieter, more comfortable, and save you money.

Tight Construction with Proper Ventilation
Healthier indoor air – Our homes are sealed with caulks, foams, weather stripping, gaskets, and door sweeps to reduce drafts and keep out harmful pollutants, pollen and pests.

3rd Party Verification
Independent evaluation of efficiency

The Coblentz Homes proudly offers energy-efficient homes that qualify for the ENERGY STAR label. Our homes provide:

Lower Utility Bills
You have more important things to spend your money on than utility bills. The energy-efficient features of our ENERGY STAR qualified homes will give you lower bills and save you money every month as compared to the average home. Both your air conditioning unit and your furnace are high efficiency. Your furnace uses up to twenty percent less energy than standard models. That means you could save up to $400-$600 each year on your home’s heating bills.

Comfort and Quiet
You will love the relaxing comfort of our homes. Tight construction, better windows, and improved insulation not only ensure consistent temperatures between and across rooms, but keep out excessive heat, cold, and noise. R-38 attic & R-13 wall insulation mean better energy performance and energy savings.

Lower Maintenance
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a low-maintenance home. Tight construction and long-lasting, efficient equipment make our homes more durable, helping to minimize many of the maintenance problems found in typical homes.

Environmental Protection
Purchasing an ENERGY STAR qualified home is a decision you can be proud of. Our homes reduce our nation’s energy needs and prevent air pollution by consuming less energy.

Independent Verification
Any builder can claim they build energy efficient homes, but all ENERGY STAR qualified homes are verified by a third party inspection and testing process to ensure that your home meets the EPA’s strict guidelines for energy efficiency.
A new home that has earned the Energy Star meets EPA’s strict guidelines for energy efficiency.

This exemplary performance is verified by an independent third party.